Generally speaking, FxPro is a good substitution for my previous broker. I spent lots of time researching and observing its services and made a decision to continue trading here. As a swing trader i ain’t require lots of thing actually. The app download links can be found on the broker’s website, the client portal area or in the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. Accounts are opened fast though an online application which is the standard operating procedure in today’s market place. After the quick application, traders need to submit a copy of their ID and proof of residence as mandated by regulators in order to address AML/KYC compliance.

At the bottom of the sign-up form, under “Entity” traders may be able to select which of the operating subsidiaries they prefer; this is based on location. Unfortunately, the video tutorials have been buried in the FAQ section at the bottom under a Watch and Learn category. It would have been nice if they would be presented in their own and traders who wish to browse the videos are better advised to do so on the official Youtube channel of FxPro. At the time of this review, there were no Webinars which was surprising considering the popularity of webinars these days and the offering of webinars by so many other brokers. The firm also offers a free demo account where you can practice trading first before going live.

Let’s take a look at the account types and their characteristics. As is the case with many top-tier brokers, there are no commissions for most trades executed on FxPro’s platforms. Due to its huge active client base, FxPro can match a large part of its order flow internally, minimizing risks and costs while offering its users great prices. However, this also means that the company has the potential to abuse this power, hence the fraud accusations on online forums. FxPro is an ECN broker, which means it uses an electronic communication network to trade outside the market via a computer system.

Number is toll free for residents of that country. fxpro broker reviewrs simply need to select the instrument, decide which price to alert , and then choose to alert when the price is higher or lower than a selected level. The trader can even create a customized pop‑up message to deliver as well. One negative for FxPro is the absence of guaranteed stop‑loss orders.

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The research and the selection of order types could be improved too, but they are well above average, and will likely suit most investors who want to trade with this award-winning broker. FxPro offers a suite of research tools and news that gets good reviews all around, but is not exactly top-notch. The platforms themselves have many technical analysis tools and you can keep up with the new developments in the forex world through FxPro’s blog, which updates daily.


The Basics section also https://traderoom.info/ self-checking online tests for self-assessment to help users gauge their basic forex skills. In fact, upon passing the online tests, users can also download the study materials for future use. The visitor must provide details like country of residence, name, last name, email, etc. Traders must always make a decision whether they can afford to take the high risk of trading in CFDs as there are chances of losing money. Based on this opinion, FxPro promotes responsible trading and showcases the risk involved via the disclaimer on the platform.

The World’s #1 Broker just got even better!

FxPro CFDs and spread betting platform also offers insights on trading conditions, charts, market price, etc., for creating successful trading strategies. Founded in 2006, FxPro has established a reputation as a global Forex broker that is here to stay. The brokerage had remarkable success and now serves retail traders as well as institutional clients from over 170 countries.

  • The demo platforms accessible include MT4, MT5, and ctrader, and they are allowed to have 70 open positions.
  • This ensures ultra-fast trade execution speed that is estimated at approximately 11.06 milliseconds.
  • The broker offers a range of trading services designed for both beginner traders and professionals with low initial deposit amounts.

Rather, you’ll be able to trade CFDs – Contracts for Difference. Cryptocurrencies, however, are the opposite – being viewed as the most volatile speculative investment market ever, crypto assets have become a haven for investors during the pandemic. Yup, you’ve got it – FxPro isn’t an actual crypto exchange. FxPro prides itself on its “five‑star customer service,” specifically its multilingual, 24‑hour Monday‑through‑Friday (24/5) customer service team. Its live phone support operates in several locations, which include the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Monaco, Bahamas, and the United Arab Emirates.

How does FxPro make money?

For starters, the earlier-mentioned leverage trading. On one hand, it’s often deemed as a very dangerous activity that may cause you to lose all of your assets and financial instruments. However, on the other hand, if you’re being careful and knowledgeable with your finances, leverage trading can be a huge help in growing your portfolio. Now, don’t get me wrong – the majority of user FxPro reviews are still concentrated on the primary services of the platform, but things are becoming a bit more interesting by the day. Truth be told, it’s definitely not the first platform that allows you to deal in cryptocurrencies (kind of – we’ll get to that in a minute), but isn’t primarily a cryptocurrency exchange.

The execution also good without strong slippages or requotes. Also, I enjoy their software for algorithmic trading. I do really understand when there is a strong desire to try all the opportunities that the broker can give.

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FxPro Review 2023 – Brokers.

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The main purpose of this account is spread-betting. The FxPro Edge is the company’s new platform that is still in its beta stage, so it is currently only available in the UK for FxPro Limited UK clients. This account is based around another popular top-notch platform, FxPro’s proprietary cTrader.

The FxPro Edge account is offered to UK-based traders which allows investors to invest in the market using spread betting. This company is quite competitive with other top forex brokers in the UK and internationally, especially when you consider the excellent trading platforms available. This broker also offers a demo account to traders. FxPro Direct allows you to create a demo account. You’ll be given $500,000 in virtual cash to play with after logging in.

Excellent broker for those who like the cool trading solution

Thus traders can opt for a user account determined by the type of spreads they are interested in. Users are advised to note that retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs as they are high-risk products. Hence, it is important to understand how the markets work before choosing either of the trading account types. It is important to trade responsibly because CFDs typically come with a high risk of losing money rapidly owing to leverage. As a matter of fact, at least 72% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading complex instruments like CFDs.

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Conditional orders are easy and straightforward to set up with various types on offer. Traders can choose between market, limit, stop, and stop‑limit orders. Traders can also specify when the order will expire, providing another degree of control. Even i loss money but i will not blame the brokers as the other traders . And its unique fxpro is 1 of few brokers that allow u to trade so many choices CFD’s .

A comprehensive suite of automated trading solutions, called EA in the MetaTrader universe, are also available with countless more being created. When it comes to online Forex trading, MT4 has established itself as the market leader and with available additions it can indeed become a powerful gateway to financial markets. FxPro appears to be a true NDD which offers excellent market access to all types of traders. According to the latest data available for 2020, 80.48% of trades were executed at quote price, 9.60% experienced positive slippage and 9.93% negative slippage. 98.86% of trades were executed without a re-quote, 0.54% with a positive re-quote and 0.60% with a negative re-quote.

Not too long ago, in the PRO part of the FxPro review, I’ve mentioned that the brokerage has a lot of learning material for any wannabe trader to take up and study. While that’s definitely much appreciated, admittedly, it’s probably going to be far from enough, in regards to actually learning how to trade CFDs effectively. The reason for that is simply because it’s not a traditional crypto exchange – there are no blockchain fees, and you don’t actually purchase the underlying asset. On top of that, there are also no deposit or withdrawal fees, either – unless you count the ones that are going to be charged by your bank.

The introduction of FxPro

FxPro offers different mobile trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 , MetaTrader 5 , cTrader, and the FxPro Direct app. We tested MT4, similarly to the web trading platform. What’s more, it offers four trading platforms and six trading accounts that enables me to create a flexible trading strategy using several accounts.

  • DailyForex.com adheres to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence.
  • It is regulated and authorized not only by one regulator but by several, which gives it extra layers of security and always for traders’ better.
  • FxPro Fees are ranked average with an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10 based on our testing and compared to over 500 other brokers.
  • The fact that FxPro only offers Forex and CFD trading is a drawback of the company’s product offering.

The result is that you can get access to deep liquidity and execution speeds calculated in milliseconds. I like this feature as it also provides better security of client funds. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. ForexBrokers.com has been reviewing online forex brokers for over six years, and our reviews are the most cited in the industry. Each year, we collect thousands of data points and publish tens of thousands of words of research.

ctrader trading platform

I am not the one to trust conspiracy theories easily, but FxPro’s attempts to cover up these unhappy customers’ comments made the entire situation seem believable. However, it is hard to discredit the company based on this, especially since it has millions of customers and dozens of awards under its belt. However, there are some reasons to be concerned for the safety of your money if you’re a FxPro client.